Sometime back in middle school I picked up a camera and then just never set it down. What started off as photographing my mom's knick knacks ended up with traveling to beautiful locations watching couples get married and calling that my job. In Spring 2015 I finished spending a lot of money on school and graduated with Visual Communication and Design. Fancy words for I got a degree in taking photos. 

I am a huge animal lover. and expect to see your animals' photos if applicable. During your session I'll inevitably make a reference to true crime and see if you have any podcast favorites. Also, Harry mother-effin Potter. My hubby and I are HUGE nerds when it comes to the HP series. We even have matching Deathly Hallows tattoos! [ Which house would you be sorted into? No biggie if you don't know, we can figure that out together. ] In August 2021, James and I welcomed our first child, Emmett Grimshaw aka Future Dungeon Master - it’s been pretty cool. 
Loyalty - I'm all about it. The focus is on you two and making the day everything you dreamed of and more. You don't like your cousin Caroline? Niether do I. Worried about wedding crashers? Ive been known to tell a group off. Don't like the way your flowers turned out? Lets rearrange and fix 'em up! I may be just the photographer - but me as a person still wants the absolute best for the couples no matter the situation.

In a summary: my hair color changes like a chameleon, I swear and make weird noises when I'm excited, I still listen to all my high school emo bands and I love food [but especially Mexican].
What about you?

The Alternative+ Mexican Food Devour-er Photographer

my love story

'Dear maria paige,
count me in'