LGBTQ+ Friendly Wedding Tips

Two Brides kiss  and embrace during the sparkler exit of their wedding at Trailhead Venue in Akron.

I take pride [pun intended] in being a huge ally of the LGBTQIA + community, I’m a firm believer in Love is Love and equality amoung everyone. Not every wedding that I photograph is held by a couple in that community, but they still want to show support for their friends/family who are. Having an LGBTQ+ friendly wedding is about creating an inclusive and supportive environment that celebrates love and equality. Here are some tips to ensure your wedding is LGBTQ+ friendly:

  1. Use inclusive language: Use gender-neutral language in your wedding invitations, ceremony script, and any other written or verbal communication. Instead of assuming gender roles, use inclusive terms like “partners,” “spouses,” or “wedding party.” It doesn’t always have to be ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ – use their names as is.
A Mx. and Mx. sign light up as a punk band plays in background at LGBTQ wedding.

2. Choose LGBTQ+-friendly vendors: Research and select vendors who are experienced in working with LGBTQ+ couples and demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity. Seek recommendations from LGBTQ+ communities or use directories that specialize in LGBTQ+-friendly wedding vendors.

A vendor sign is displayed at a LGBTQ wedding.

3. Educate your wedding party and guests: Share information about LGBTQ+ issues, terminology, and pronouns with your wedding party and guests. Provide resources and encourage open conversations to foster understanding and acceptance.

4. Customize your ceremony: Personalize your ceremony to reflect your relationship and values. Incorporate readings or rituals that are meaningful to you as a couple and are inclusive of all orientations and identities. I recently photographed a wedding that was for a heterosexual couple, but their first reading during the ceremony was a snippet of the court readings on June 26th, 2015 [when same-sex marriage was legalized across all 50 states]. It was important to them to have this included in their ceremony as they were big supporters and allies.

Spring Ceremony at Happy Days Lodge includes a reading from the day same-sex marriage became legal across 50 states.

5. LGBTQ+-inclusive vows: Craft vows that reflect your unique journey and love story. Use language that is inclusive and avoids assumptions about gender roles. Celebrate your love and commitment without conforming to traditional heteronormative scripts.

6. Display LGBTQ+ symbols: Incorporate LGBTQ+ symbols, such as the rainbow flag or pride colors, into your wedding decor or attire. It sends a clear message of support and inclusivity to your guests.

Pride flags are displayed at greeting table for wedding.

7. Pronoun awareness: Respect and honor individuals’ pronouns. Encourage guests to provide their pronouns on name tags or seating cards. Consider having gender-neutral restrooms or signs indicating that all restrooms are inclusive. This has worked at a wedding before, simple signs indicating gender-neutral – not one complaint.

8. Support LGBTQ+ causes: Consider making a donation to LGBTQ+ organizations or including LGBTQ+ charities in your wedding registry. This allows you to give back to the community and show your support. In 2020, Kayla and Jill got married and instead of a typical favor, they used that money as a donation to the Trevor project.

9. Address potential concerns: Be proactive in addressing any concerns or discomfort that LGBTQ+ guests or participants may have. Ensure that they feel welcomed and safe throughout the entire wedding experience.

10. Embrace love and equality: Ultimately, the most important aspect of having an LGBTQ+ friendly wedding is to celebrate love and equality. Let your wedding be a platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and to create a space where all couples and guests feel valued, respected, and included.

Ring bearers wear Pride socks to support their Aunts getting married.

Remember, every wedding is unique, and what matters most is that you create an environment that honors and celebrates your love and the love of all couples, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Having a LGBTQ+ friendly wedding can be done for any couple getting married, its the little things that can add up and show your friends/family that you are there for support. What other kind of tips could we use to have a more LGBTQ friendly wedding?

Thanks for reading this post and considering these tips. To view a wedding that had a lot of inclusive details, check out Mads and Alex’s punk wedding at LaSalle Theatre in Cleveland!

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Heya! I'm Paige.

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Heya! I'm Paige.

Here you will find past weddings/sessions at cool locations, helpful hints and some sweet imagery to help inspire your future photo needs. Have a question? Shoot me a message and I'll be happy to help however I can.



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