Your Love Story Begins at a Rockefeller Park Greenhouse Wedding

Newlyweds kiss in private moment at ROckefellar Park greenhouse Wedding.

There is something beautifully and symbolically fresh about a greenhouse wedding. Begin the next chapter of your love story nestled amidst thriving greenery, florals, and tropical plants – but in a unique, contemporary-looking structure with plenty of history. Rockefeller Park Greenhouse is a cozy, intimate space perfect for couples searching for a lush garden setting. And, bonus, it’s available all year long, still gorgeous and thriving even in the winter. If you’re looking for a unique venue for your wedding venue that also offers plenty of opportunities for beautiful
photos, you should consider having a Rockefeller Park Greenhouse wedding!

About The Rockefeller Park Greenhouse Wedding Venue

The Rockefeller Park Greenhouse has been a space for plant enthusiasts and nature lovers to enjoy lush greenery and bright florals all year round. Over 120 years ago, plans for a city garden
were first proposed. Several years later, John D. Rockefeller donated over 200 acres of property to the city for the gardens. At the time, the beautiful greenhouse only grew plants for
landscaping within city parks and gardens, but over time, it has become a true botanical garden.
Today, you can visit to enjoy beautiful specialty plant collections, seasonal floral displays, themed gardens, and artwork.

Couple and guests await the ceremony at rockefellar park.

Details of the Grounds

First of all, it’s probably worth noting upfront that Rockefeller Park Greenhouse only hosts wedding ceremonies and photoshoots, but not receptions. But that doesn’t mean you should rule it out; there are still plenty of spaces nearby that are great for continuing your celebration in a fun, unique way.

Couple walk through bubble exit at ceremony at greenhouse wedding.

The Greenhouse itself is a gorgeous place for a ceremony. Plus, it’s comfortable all year round,
so you can take advantage of its stunning garden settings even in the middle of winter. You can walk down an aisle lined with seasonal plants and flowers that set a colorful scene for your vow exchange. Say “I do” with warm, dappled light streaming through the glass windows and ceiling panes, filling the space with bright, natural light. The soothing sound of water features sets a
peaceful, organic tone, and a wall of plants serves as the perfect backdrop for your vows.
The Rockefeller Park Greenhouse is a smaller venue that can accommodate ceremonies with guest lists of under 70 people. That said, it’s also the perfect space for an elopement or Micro
Wedding, so if that’s more your style, keep the Greenhouse in mind!!

Photography Opportunities

The Greenhouse provides tons of year-round photo opportunities that feature tropical foliage, seasonal floral installations, and every photographer’s dream: tons of bright natural light. If you
get married in a warmer month, however, we can also put the outdoor gardens to good use.
They have a lovely Japanese Garden, an Iris Garden, and a Latin American garden, among others, ideal for gorgeous outdoor photos.

Couple are surrounded by foliage at greenhouse wedding in CLeveland.

Wedding Details

If you want to know everything included or required for a wedding at Rockefeller Park Greenhouse, be sure to contact their events team directly! They’ll be able to provide you with all of the info you need to decide whether the space is right for your wedding ceremony.

Couple standing in greenery at greenhouse.

Rockefeller Park Greenhouse Wedding

A Rockefeller Park Greenhouse wedding is a beautiful event any time of year, surrounded by gorgeous plants and vibrant flowers. I would love to photograph your intimate wedding here;
check out my previous work, particularly with elopements and Micro Weddings! I had the honor of photographing a beautiful micro wedding here at the greenhouse in Fall 2023.

Close up image of couple at their elopement.

I absolutely love getting to share all the incredible Ohio wedding venues with newly engaged couples! That is why the blog links below are filled with even more venues and work from my
portfolio. If you’re feeling inspired or want to talk photos, then I’m always a quick email or a phone call away! So let’s chat!

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Heya! I'm Paige.

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Heya! I'm Paige.

Here you will find past weddings/sessions at cool locations, helpful hints and some sweet imagery to help inspire your future photo needs. Have a question? Shoot me a message and I'll be happy to help however I can.



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